Fred DeSimone, Owner of Peak Additive LLC, is proud to officially announce that Peak Additive LLC has been approved for certification as an Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) and a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), with the City and County of Denver’s Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO). As a result of this certification approval, Peak Additive is now listed in the City’s EBE and SBE Directories. This Certification is intended to be used for participation in city funded projects, and/or certain privately funded projects on city-owned property for contracts with construction, reconstruction, remodeling, professional design and construction services.

Peak Additive is currently the only company in the City’s EBE and SBE Directories that offers 3D Printing Services (Additive Manufacturing). Fred aims to create relationships with city Purchasing Agents and Business Development Reps in order to advance the future of 3D Printing within the fast growing Denver market and to further the innovation culture of the city.