3D Printing, Rapid-Prototyping, R&D, and Low-Volume Production

IMG_2868Peak Additive aims to fulfill its objective of providing turnkey design, development, tooling and production services through in-house prototyping and engineering services. To manage cost and efficiency, we typically keep jobs in-house but also look to partner with local businesses for added resources.

Peak Additive utilizes 3D Printing and traditional manufacturing techniques for Rapid-Prototyping, R&D, and Low-Volume Production runs. 3D Printing technology allows for complex part geometry to be made without the expensive tooling and assembly costs.

Although 3D printing is cost effective with extremely short lead times, we understand it’s not always the answer. Peak also offers tooling design and liquid cast molding for any product application regardless of size. We specialize in thermoset and thermoplastic material choices to match the right physical properties for just about any dynamic or static application.

In addition to molding, we offer services such as bonding dissimilar materials, multiple durometer vulcanization and other post finishing applications.


Fred DeSimone Jr.

Fred DeSimone Jr. is a Design Engineer with over 12 years of experience in the Marine, Industrial and Aerospace Industries with a growing passion for Additive Manufacturing. He’s specialized in tooling design, material selection and process development with a creative ability to entertain complicated tasks. Fred has worked for companies such as Bluefin Robotics Corporation, Cuming Microwave Corporation (Aerospace Division) and Globe Composite Solutions developing high demand products with a short window from design to manufacturing. Fred enjoys golfing, fishing and playing the guitar. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, he now currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife Emily and dog Bullger.

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